Monday, September 15, 2008

Ll Cool J Talks About 50 Cent Jay Z And Leaving Def Jam

That was enough to get \ u0026 # 39; attention of gossip columnists and bloggers who got a good chuckle for \ u0026 # 39; upper rotation P Diddy forced to join the Hoi polloi flying commercial.. Just over a week ago, the rapper and entrepreneur Sean Comb, aka P Diddy, issued a video on YouTube in which he announced that due to the high cost of fuel, he would be the oath of his private jet alone.

Blake Lively Says She Survives New York Fashion Week By Smiling

Rihanna, 20 years, multi-platinum, MTV andGrammy Award winning artist \ u0026quot; taken the world by storm back to Australia to continue his quest for world domination, while Chris Brown, one of the world of music \ u0026quot; superstar Global co-headlines with her. Rihanna and are Chris Brown heading to Perth for a mega-star concert at Burswood. R \ u0026amp B commander Jay-Zs protg has become undoubtedly one of the hottest females in popular music today..

Prison Guards Seek To Recall Schwarzenegger

Apparently his backstage requests included buffalo wings. If my coach had his way, Id eat small meals every three hours, but sometimes I eat only once or twice a day.. Carbs are the enemy, but if I go three days without them, start getting weak. I guess even celebrities as Rihanna are insecure about their bodies and eating like crap! I dont know why shes complain itself.

Lauren Conrad A Literary Star Or Black Hole Is Born

The Disturbia songstress was spotted by paparazzi who arrive at the Los Angele Browns Bone Deep series of new films, including the participation of Hayden Christensen And T I. Shes certainly not doing anything to dispel the voices that shes Chris Brown dating. Indeed Rihanna looked more like a doting girlfriend as he visited With You hitmaker on the set of his new film yesterday.

Tom Cruise

MySpace BlackBerry for smartphone integrates MySpace main components of social network with the BlackBerry platform to provide immediate, push-based messaging for BlackBerry and users of MySpace. L \ u0026 # 39; application will be available in all BlackBerry (R: 65.81, 0.64, 0.98%) markets worldwide. Jim Balsillie will RIM Co-CEO.